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Thread: Fatal Alert!

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    Angry Fatal Alert!

    I sync my i300 this morning and then, poof:

    Fatal Alert:
    DataMgr.c, Line 8589, Index Out of Range.

    The machine was completely locked. so I had no choice but to initiate a hard reset (power button + reset). This reset the phone and PDA nicely, BUT when I hot synced to restore my data, all the trouble started over, because hot sync restored the last DBs (presumably corrupted) and apps.

    So, how can I get around this restoration of old databases? I would like to restore my phone book and date book data, but not all the apps.

    BTW: I was using Advantgo and I think this one was the problem. No actual proof of that, except that it was the last thing installed and the last thing changed.

    Any help would be great. I'm stuck right now.


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    On your desktop go into program files and fing the Palm file. Look in the backup folder and there you'll find all the apps for your palm. I once had the same problem from AvantGo and had to delete then add each program one by one until I found the problem. Obviously remove all from the folder and then add them back 1 by one. Can take quite a bit of time......

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    this has been posted here before. please do a search the next time you have a question. i believe avantgo was the cause of the same type of error. do a search with the error statement and you will get some hits on it...


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