I just got a brochure in the mail:

"Get one month unlimited calls using PCS Voice Command without using minutes from your PCS Service Plan."

"Sign up for PCS voice command today for just $5 per month and receive all calls you dial using PCS Voice Command during your October invoincing cycle (Oct xx, 2002 - Nov xx,2002) at no additonal cost."

"Call Toll free at 1-866-572-5171 Hury offer ends September 15, 2002"

Clearly its only for certain customers ( I am a business customer with 5 phones on one plan) but it seems you call up, type in your number and they tell you if you are eligilble. The number is a recording only and when I called *2 they knew nothing about it. Still I signed up as this seems like a great way to try it out. Better than the 3 moths no charge , IMO.

What I don't know is when I'll be able to upload my numbers...

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