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    Re-installing Palm Programs like Notepad

    Notepad has disappeared, how do I add it back in
    When I was looking at 4.1, I noticed that my note pad was not included on the unit. How do I add it back in?

    I've tried reinstalling 4.1 but without success. Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It shows up on "custom" that it's synching but nothing is there.

    Any help.

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    I'm not sure what 4.1 should have to do with notepad. What do you mean?

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    Note Pad does not come with the i300, nor did it ever. Palm Desktop that came with the i300 didn't have it. You upgraded to Palm 4.1 by downloading it, right?

    The Palm Desktop 4.1 software has those conduits for the built-in Notepad app on the Palm machines only, third party devices DO NOT have it in memory. Apparently that is a selling point for the Palm branded devices that is a differentiator.

    Your only option is to turn off the conduit, since it doesn't do anything at all. I have a friend with a NR70V Sony and it doesn't have Note Pad installed either. I miss that from my old m505, it did come in handy on occasion.

    But, there are plenty of replacements out there that are even better than the original, and some are even freeware. The only thing they lack is the ability to sync with the desktop like the Palm version...

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