Hey everyone,

Have a problem and hoping someone can help me out. I bought a serial to USB converter to use with the I300 and at first, it was working just fine. I had to change the com setting in the hotsync manager to the newly created "com3" though. (the converter created an entry in device manager called "serial on USB, COM3") So I disconnected the USB plug and plugged in the USB cable from my Prism into the USB port in order to hotsync that. Had to switch the port setting in the hotsync manager back to com1 and then it works just fine. So up to now, everything is just fine.

Now I want to sync my I300 again so I unplug the Prism USB cable, plug in the I300's cable via the USB adapter, change the com setting in hotsync manager to com3 but I keep getting an error message that com3 is not available and hotsync manager will open it when it does become available so obviously I cannot do a hotsync with the I300 using the serial to usb adapter. I have tried rebooting, plugging the USB cable for both the Prism and the I300 in and out of my single USB port while changing the com settings in hotsync manager before and after in every combination I could think of as well as "refreshing" the port in device manager but I can't seem to free up the port (running Win98 btw). I can unplug the adapter and plug the I300 into the serial port and do a hotsync that way (after changing to com1) but I would really like to be able to put my new serial to USB adapter to good use. Any ideas what the problem is or how I can go about fixing it? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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