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    6035 Owner has Questions for i300 Owners

    I have been a 6035 owner for about three months and while it's been terrific to finally combine my pager, cell phone and PDA in one device it's not without it's flaws (for me at least).

    1. Size - it is a little big and the i300 size difference is attractive. For those that say "it's not that much different" I say at these sizes we're always going to be talking fractions of size savings and every little bit helps.

    2. Screen - while color isn't a huge issue the readability in dim lighting is terrible with most Palm V type backlighting and I do a *lot* of Avantgo and doc reading on a dimly lit 90 minute bus commute everyday.

    Now two of the thing I love about the 6035 are the loud (at least louder than any Palm I've tried) Calendar alarms - I can actually hear them EVERY time. And the fact that instant messages have a "Vibe&Remind" feature so that I always get those too.

    So my question to all of you i300 owners are these:

    1. Does the i300 use a louder "phone speaker" (only way I can describe it because it's definetly not a standard Palm piezeo speaker) type of alarm for calendar reminders?

    2. Can instant messages/pages be set with either this louder "phone speaker" (which the 6035 cannot) or have a Vibe&Remind function (which the 6035 does).

    Since screen and size are so important to me I would consider the i300 (if it does indeed come to Verizon as Sprint doesn't have the coverage I need) but not at the expense of weak (standard Palm speaker - no vibrate option) alarm and pager notifications.


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    Post One Guy's i300 Experience

    First of all if color, alert volume and efficient user interface is what you are looking for I would stay with the 6035. You can't use vibrate for calander alarms (it still makes associated alert sound even when phone is put on vibrate). User interface is a little more challenging as phone and PDA functions are more intermingled and not as clearly defined with 6035-flip open, PDA; flip closed, phone-color, or should I say brightness is a big plus though, size is exceptionally appreciated overall volume is noticably lower than 6035. Most of the differences are cosmetic, but hey I'm all about image so its been a worthwile change for me. It hold in the hand much better, no flip getting in the way, no gun holster sized apparatus hanging off my hip anymore(I was affraid that security would stop me at a club for carrying a concealed weapon!

    Anyway, overall I feel the 6035 excels at efficient user interface, but lacks in style, size, readability in low light and doesnt have as many kewl ring tones to choose from. If you're happy enough and it serves its purpose I would stick with the 6035 until they come up with a 3G super-design that combines the best qualities of both phones into one great super-device that we will all be drooling after. -vid phone, GPS, PDA, wireless modem, CDMA, excellant reception (which by the way the 6035 is better at it than the i300), color and perfectly sized design and style!>>>....

    Good luck on whichever path you decide to take.

    He he he

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I agree about the nice division of functionality between the PDA and the phone on the 6035. They manage to keep them seperate where you want them to be, yet keep things connected (address lookups, instant messaging, etc) where they should be.

    I think I'll wait until spring and see if they either upgrade the Palm software apps on the i300 or come out with the color 6035.

    Also I should point out that with the 6035 SDK (free from Kyo) comes a ringtone creator and I actually can convert any wav file into a ringtone - ("Enterprise to Captain Kirk" is my current favorite) so the 6035 may be much better on this score unless the same is available for the i300.

    Having had a Palm VII, Palm V with Omnisky, iPaq with wireless PCMCIA modem, I'm always looking for the next cool wireless device and will buy whatever comes along in 2002 for 3g etc.

    Here's to going broke in 2002 with what I hope will be many cool choices in these devices!


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    Also I should point out that with the 6035 SDK (free from Kyo) comes a ringtone creator and I actually can convert any wav file into a ringtone - ("Enterprise to Captain Kirk" is my current favorite)
    yes i wish samsung would let us have one also..

    i personally loved the "standby to receive our transmission..." in capt. kirks voice! i had it on the 6035 and also the close encounters tones...

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