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    display keeps coming on in car kit cradle

    This is really annoying: I've got the car kit installed, the one with the speaker, cradle, box and all. When the phone is in the cradle it will light up (as if you hit the power button). This will happen with the slightest bump in the road. I can also make it do it by barely pushing on the phone against the cradle. I guess it's disconnecting from the cradle, but it doesn't re-display the "HF Mode" notice like when I first put it in, so it can't be completely disconnecting. It didn't used to do this for the first few months. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions to fixing it? At night it's like a flashlight pointed at me while I'm driving that comes on whenever it wants to.

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    I've got the car kit, but I've never had that problem. The car kit works great for me.

    Are you sure that there is no foreign object getting caught somewhere? The fit of the telephone in the cradle is pretty tight. Since I always put the little lanyard (the little cloth strap that serves as a handle) on the phone, I have to be sure that it does not get caught between the phone and the cradle. Maybe you have something sticking in there. Also, you might even have something stuck to the phone or the cradle--anything like that could make the connection loose.

    Are the little electrical contacts clean and straight? The ARE gold-plated, but something like a smudge of oil from your fingers might make the connection be erratic. You could try cleaning the connectors with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

    Once or twice, I've had a wierd problem with the phone not going into hands-free mode when I put it in the cradle. When this happened, I couldn't even hear it ring when I was driving down the road. What cleared it up was taking out the battery and putting it back in. When the phone came back up, everything was fine. Maybe you could try that.

    Of course, either the phone or the cradle might be defective. Do you know someone else with an SPH-I300? Try using his or her phone in your cradle; if he or she has a car kit, you could try your phone there.

    Good luck!

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