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    Hotsyncing i300 with Macintosh iBook and OSX - the legend

    I recently bought a used Samsung i300 to replace my lost Kyocera 6035. Perhaps a foolish move, as it turns out.

    I can get it to "Establishing connection" on the desktop and "Connecting with the desktop using Direct Serial on the phone, and if I unplug the USB, restart and replug the USB I can even get the phone to "Identifying User" but then the connection fails.

    This is with a 600Mhz iBook G3 running MacOS 10.2.8, Palm Desktop 4.1, a Keyspan high-speed serial-USB adapter (USA-19QW), the regular i300 serial cradle and the phone running PalmOS 3.5.2.

    I already tried, in every combination I could think of:
    - reducing the transfer speed (on both sides)
    - any number of hard resets
    - resetting the phone's password
    - making sure the Hotsync Manager is set to listen only to the 19QW port
    - making sure the phone is "on" in the cradle
    - updating the Keyspan driver
    - reinstalling Palm Desktop
    - restarting Palm Desktop, creating new user, plugging in Keyspan, then trying
    ...and more things I can't even remember.

    Is there some step where I have to set the user in the phone? Am I missing something obvious, or am I doomed to fail?

    I've read elsewhere in these forums that the flash update Sprint can do at their stores will irreversibly eliminate the i300's phone capability. Can anyone attest to that, or say that it's wrong? I'm tempted to try it.

    I hesitate to invest another $30, but has anyone solved a problem by switching to a USB cable?

    Has anyone had a similar problem and actually solved it before they went ga-ga?

    Have any such people done so using OSX and Palm Desktop 4.1?

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Hmm. I also notice it says this in the user manual:

    Note: Since this is the first HotSync operation, you must enter your user information...
    7. Tap the HotSync icon.
    8. The New User dialog box is displayed. Enter a Username and the password for your phone.
    9. Click “OK” to start the synchronization.
    10. A message is displayed indicating that the process is complete.

    However I never got this dialog box, and I can't find anywhere to put in the Username. If I could, maybe it would be able to "identify user" and continue with the hotsync...
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    Today I spoke to Samsung level 2 tech support for Macintosh users. The guy spent almost an hour with me and was very good. His advice:

    Go into the Palm folder to Palm OS Updates and trash the folder "v3.5.3 Update", which is incompatible with the i300.

    His additional steps were things I had already tried:

    In Palm Desktop, go to Hotsync Conduit Settings and set Notepad, Photos and Voice Memos to Do Nothing (they are also incompatible).

    In Hotsync Setup, make sure that only the Keyspan adapter (usa-qw etc) is checked, and is set to 115200 or 57600.

    Also reinstalled the Keyspan driver v1.8 and restarted, unplugged/replugged the USB cable.

    Still no luck, though. We concluded that the problem was most likely a physical problem with the cradle or with the Keyspan USB-serial adapter.

    Other new info from the Samsung guy:

    The opportunity to enter the User Name and password (phone's password) is supposed to come as a dialog box that appears on the Mac screen during the first hotsync, during Identifying User (a stage that I am not reaching yet).

    Owners of this phone should NOT go to the Sprint store and get the flash software update, because it will remove the phone functions from the unit. The phone is not designed to take an upgrade.

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    Finally got some syncing action. I bought a USB data cable made for the Samsung i300/i330 (not by Samsung) for about $30.

    I also installed the Prolific 2303 driver for USBSerial v1.0.4 (it's item 30 on http://www.unixtar.com.tw/5support.htm)

    Now I can sync -- however, it will only sync after a restart, and the Mac must be restarted again after the sync or other apps will freeze one by one and the computer will refuse to shut down.

    So restart, sync, restart.

    After a reinstall of Panther (I made the error of using Fontbook to resolve duplicate fonts -- don't do this!) the syncing wouldn't work anymore.

    But I found these great instructions at http://theapotek.com/teknotes/archives/000014.html and now it syncs flawlessly with Prolific 2303 driver 1.0.6, found on that same page. Brilliant!
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    There is hope!

    I have had my i300 for a couple years and it used to sync to my cube (both 9 and X) through my keyspan adapter, and then at some point it stopped working. I never could figure out what combination of OS version, Palm desktop version, keyspan driver version actually would allow the sync to happen on X and had almost given up hope until your post.

    It sounds like from your post the problem is not in the palm desktop (are you using 4.1?) and probably in the keyspan driver/OS (since I know the hardware used to work in some version of OS X).

    My question is, did you ever try syncing through IR with your ibook? I'm tempted to try buying a USB/IR converter rather than another (guaranteed to be buggy) serial/usb converter. I thought I'd ask to see if there was some reason you didn't try this...

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    No, I didn't try to sync with IR because my iBook doesn't have an IR port.

    But see the addition to my post above for what may be the ultimate solution!

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