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    Question Loud Chirp or Beep coming out of speaker while talking?

    There is a very random loud chirping sound coming out of my i300 that happens while I'm talking on the phone.

    It's NOT the low battey sound and it's not call waiting and it's not any other kind of alarm. It's a single LOUD chirp that is quite painful in my ear. It comes right out of the speaker and every time it happens, I ask the person I'm talking to if they heard it and they never do. The sound is high pitched and as loud as the loudest ring setting. It's always a single "chirp."

    I cannot predict when it's going to happen and I cannot force it to happen. It occurs at random times of day and at random locations. I'd say it happens during about 1 out of every 15 phone calls.

    It's not something I can bring to the Sprint store to fix because I can't even demonstrate what's wrong. But it's so loud it can't be good for my ear and I want it to stop!

    Has anyone had this happen? Any ideas?


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    I had a similar sound occurring and it was due to an improperly installed hack. I removed it and reinstalled it and haven't had the problem since. I'm new to the phone also and from what I've been reading hear and in other posts, you can create conflicts by installing certain combinations of utilities (just like with a pc). Have you installed any such?
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