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    Post Oct 1 Wall Street Journal says Sprint President stepping down

    According to the article, the President of Sprint's wireless group is or will be stepping down because they are losing wireless customers.

    I feel kind of bad, now that we have his number in other links!

    But this really says something about how poorly Vision is being received. About a month ago, I said that the backlash for overpromising Vision, and under-delivering could be intense. Sprint actually losing more customers than they are gaining is alarming when you consider their products. I figured, even with a backlash, they would grow...

    Maybe Customer Service has something to do with it? Slow 3G and sign up?

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    well basically mostly everyone has a phone now and the rush has subsided...

    also, since sprint went back to making credit rsique` customers drop a deposit has caused some churn.

    i agree, the vision plans are not getting off to a good start, and i think thats because they dont have any real good smartphones (a la i330 or 7`35 for example) and applications that people can use... not everyone wants to just send pictures down the pike... they need a better reason than that to go 3G...

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    I did not seen on this forum , but on another forums

    PPL calling Vision plan not 3G , but 2.5G .

    2.5G is right name for that plan .

    Bad phones , Bad customer service , Cheating customers

    on they bills , Churging per minute , not per second ..........

    I am not sorry for that man ... GO AWAY !

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