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Thread: Good CS Report

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    Good CS Report

    I just wanted to report a great experience with Sprint Customer Service.

    I received my bill, and it looked like a change I made to one of the two plans (I have two phones on a "business" account) never went through. The CS guy talked me through what he was seeing on the computer, researched it while I was on hold, and then told me the deal.

    I cut him a little short, and said, "So basically, I'm stuck, right?".

    To which he responded that it was a big bill, that my previous bill ($1168 for two phones over two months[which is why I changed plans]) will big, and that he could take $150 off my next bill (about half of what I owe them).

    No fuss, to threatening to leave Sprint, no asking for a supervisor.

    I know, YMMV, and so might mine, but I thought it was worth noting.

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    Whats his name and direct number?:p

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