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Thread: SMS Messages?

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    SMS Messages?

    My friend recently asked me if you can send/receive SMS messages on the I300. I looked at the documentation and it says that the I300 is SMS capable but I have no idea what SMS messages are (besides a way to send instant messages) and how to use it on the phone in the Sprint network.

    Can someone please give me a brief overview?

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    I posted a substantial rundown in the "Managing Mail" thread, which might clear some things up for you. You can search for that, or following the link here might take you there.


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    SMS stands for Short Message Service. In its purest form, users send short (varies with the carrier, but typically less than 160 char) messages to one another via their keypads. Input methods also vary - more common is the use of predictive text input, wherein the phone contains a dictionary that recognizes certain words and attempts to complete the word for the user. Most newer Nokia phones have predictive text input, and allow the user to NOT have to perform the dreaded 'triple taps' to input words (pressing the [2] three times to get the letter 'c', for example. The Norwegian company Tegic has the most-used version of predictive text input. I used on my various Nokias and I thought it was fairly usable and useful.
    Addressing methods also vary - when I was an AT&T Wireless customer, I could SMS to other ATTWS users simply by sending the message to the cell number (no @ sign, no domain extension, nada) - that method of SMS is what most carriers in Europe deliver, and is the simplest. The issue is that users usually need and want to message with others on different networks. Hence the need for SMS gateways. The 'phone#@messaging.sprintpcs.com' is an example of an SMS gateway. It allows you to receive messages on your phone that are sent from any mail server. I'm not a Sprint user, so I don't know if they offer true SMS - if one PCS user can send a message to another PCS user by addressing the message ONLY to the recipient's phone number - no other mail extensions, etc - then SPCS does offer real SMS.
    SMS is all the rage in Europe, as you might have heard, and is gaining traction in the US, albeit with a little different twist here, since our carriers have to employ the gateways to allow cross-carrier messaging.
    And, by no means am I an SMS expert (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night) - if anyone else has other or better info, please chime in.

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    i dont have anything to add as you said it quite nicely.. i am just happy to see you over here....

    are you thinking about gettin an i300 now?????

    welcome aboard my long tyme friend....

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    Sprint PCS does not support MO-SMS (Mobile Originated Short Message Service); you can receive SMS messages,but you cannot originate (send) them from your handset.

    There are other methodologies available through Sprint's service - you can sent a "Short Mail" to other Sprint PCS Wireless Web capable handsets or use the SprintPCS mail to email people that have SMS service availble via email addressing; both of these functions are available on the Messaging menu from the default
    WAP page on the Sprint WAP browser - it's labeled "Sprint WEB" on the Palm applications screen

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