This can be a workaround. Turn off the alarm sounds in prefs.
Instead, sync (using intellisync or truesync) your outlook with
Yahoo! and have Yahoo! send a alert to your phone for
appointment reminders. You will get a nice vibrate


1) You eat up into your 50 text messages quickly if you have a busy schedule.

2) This works modulo poor/no service areas and delays at Yahoo (which happen sometimes).

3) I cannot get the current "truesync" to work behind a firewall-- I have an older installation that works on a different computer. Truesync has known problems with firewalls.

4) Intellisync works fine, but I have not been able to figure out how to run it automatically. Perhaps there is a command line that will make it just start and sync. With Truesync, truesync -f does that. Once you figure this out, you can just create a Windows periodic event to fire up your Outlook sync with Yahoo.

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