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Thread: Lockline advice

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    Lockline advice

    About one month ago I lost my phone so I called lockline and payed the deductable and received a replacement. My orginal phone was returned to me by a very nice man. I have no need for 2 i300's so I was thinking about selling my old one on ebay. Is it okay to do this?


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    If you're comfortable with the moral implications of theft, I say go ahead.
    I gave up on the free ipod. And where'd my smilies go?


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    Originally posted by th3_plague
    If you're comfortable with the moral implications of theft, I say go ahead.
    Um, if you were to ask LockLine what their policy is in this situation, you would find that in most cases they will basically say "congratulations, you now have two phones." This is not to say that this is the case in this situation, but it has happened before (check the archives.) I would guess that LockLine isn't interested in having the phone returned because it's not worth it for them to deal with it.

    You are implying that jiggy is guilty of theft in a situation that was completely outside his/her control, which is an unfounded accusation and a bit impolite.
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    you could sell it but sprint may have that esn flagged as "stolen".

    so when the perosn goes to activate it, sprit will see its been flagged...

    technically lockline owns that i3, but as all purpose said , they could probably care less about it...

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