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    Unhappy Problem Switching Batteries

    Ok folks...I have had the phone for a week and I have looked over the PDF manual and have yet to figure out how to switch batteries without the phone loosing all the palm data (equal to a hard reset).

    It makes me think that the internal battery is shot. Am I doing something wrong? I am powering down the phone via the the phone button on the right hand side of the phone and turning off the screen of the palm via the PDA power button (just above the phone power button). Then I change the battery. Turn it back on, and I am back to a clean install...just like I did a cold/hard reset.

    I consider myself to be somewhat tech savvy so this is a real step for me to be starting a thread to ask a question...so go easy on me.

    Thanks for your help.
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    That is strange. Shouldn't happen. I think you are correct -- the internal battery must be shot. I would first download and install backup buddy, then take it into a Sprint store.

    Hope this helps.


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    i think the instructions for the phone say you must leave the battery in the phone for the first time for a minimum of 24 hours so the internal battery can get a full charge from the external battery. Did you do that? Definitely sounds like your internal battery is not holding a charge. I am not all the careful when I change batteries, i just slide one off and the other on. I don't bother to power anything off, and I have never had a problem. Good luck.

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    I used to have the same problem. The solution I found is:

    1) power off the phone

    2) power off the palm.

    3) swap batteries. Be careful not to press any of the side buttons while doing it (they might power the phone back on).

    4) power on the palm

    5) power on the phone.

    The specific trigger for a hard reset seems to be changing the battery with the phone turned on.

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    ive dropped my i300 already and the batt cameout, but i have not lost anything! and the phone was inded on.

    it must be the internal batt is either not charged or is faulty..

    you dont need BB, all you ned is the palm desktop 4.0.1 to save your stuff..

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