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    How do I set up email for mMail or Eudora

    I want to access my email from work where there is a popmail3 server. How do I setup my Samsung phone so that I will be able to read and send emails? Is there a setup within the Samsung phone or Palm or is it done from within the email program. Is the username the email username, my Palm (hotsynch) user name or something else.

    Thanks for any help

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    You can install the Eudora Palm apps from eudora.com. Note that an email client and a web browser will both install, and installing the browser will override/ somewhat screw up Blazer. So, if you want to keep using Blazer (which is much better than Eudora's), be sure to remove the Eudora browser from the list of apps to install before sync'ing.

    Once it's setup, I had no problem getting my POP mail (it's hosted by an ISP). But, I did have problems using my ISP's SMTP server - kept getting errors failing to negotiate security protocol. So, I had to setup SMTP on a web server we're using to get that working.

    Once it's setup, it really rocks! Finally, USEFUL wireless email!

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