Perhaps this has already been covered here or in the manual, but I just discovered it last night. I kept saying to myself, "wouldn't it be great to be able to browse the Sprint Wireless web with one hand." After all, you can do that on even some of the cheapest cell phones, and it is no fun having to use the stylus or trying to press small buttons on the phone screen with your finger. Lo and behold, I discovered that you can browse with one hand!!

When in the Sprint Wireless web app., the side arrow keys will scroll up and down, the voice dial/voice memo button will select the highlighted entry (like it does in the address book), and best of all, each application button will select the command that sits above it on the screen, such as "Back" "Done" etc. (e.g., datebook will select the command to the far left, memo will select the one to the far right, etc.). I still have not figured out how to select the icons fixed at the bottom of the screen, such as exit, home, bookmarks etc., but these are easier to select with your finger. This is a cool feature of this phone that will make checking sports scores while driving much easier (although perhaps no less dangerous).<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>
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