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    Angry My visit to the SprintPCS service center.

    My i300's screen sucks and also the system resets on it's own. I figured I'd try to get a replacement. My friend's mother had WASHED his new phone (a500) , and so we decided on a PCS field trip.

    Just to let you guys know the SERVICE CENTER here is 45 minutes away and always has a minimum of an hour wait in line during the day.

    The rep tells me (after waiting 2 hours) that warranty is expired, BUT I'm eligible for the UPGRADE program which gives me $150 rebate towards a new phone. So, if I wanted a i330 i would have to pay their $499 up front and then hope for the rebate to show up in 4 weeks. I just started laughing at her. I mean COME ON! I can just go on eBay and get an i330 for $200. So much for being a loyal customer since 1998.

    She then suggested even though the phone failed the diagnostic test (which most pda phones do according to her), my phone is still working and that i should get the insurance and then file a claim after 30 days for an upgrade. How fun.

    A different rep told my friend that his phone is not covered by manufacturer's warranty, because he didn't buy it from a sprint pcs store!!!! We talking about a 2 month old phone that he bought from an online store brand new. Oh, and he was also ELIGIBLE for the all exclusive UPGRADE program.

    We left but then i was like 'F#$K that' and called the Customer Service up and told her the situation. We made a U turn and went back to the store. Went back to his rep and the first thing the rep said was "oh i'm sorry, i just talked to my manager and your phone IS covered under warranty. You can come pick it up in 3-5 days. I also called your phoned to let you know" WTF? What kind of idiot calls a phone that is NOT working. HELLO!?!?!

    For me, I got free internet for 2 months (which i never use) for my inconvenience. Woopty Doo!!

    So how fun, we get to go back to the crap hole for another visit. I wonder what qualifications you need to work at a PCS store, besides trying to convince all customers they should take advantage of the UPGRADE program and BUY another phone.

    Sorry about the rant, just a lil' right now.

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    It sounds like your rant is justified. I hate the thought of going to the local Sprint PCS store, for exactly the same reason. It seems the more a customer knows about what he/she wants, the less cooperative and helpful the clerks are. I have a i300 with an insurance program; had to replace it about 14 months ago.

    I'd love to replace it with one of the newer models through an insurance return. However, I'm paranoid about getting another i300 back.
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