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    Question Reset when bateery changed


    I had an I300 for a while, then had a replacement from CNA ins (lost phone). Ever since then when I change the external battery, the Palm and phone reset, thus losing all the Palm data until I have a chance to get back to the computer and HotSync. I took it to the Sprint store and they gave me another replacement...same problem. The tech there now says it must be the internal battery that holds the data while you change external battery. His explanantion is that the I300's are so old now that the internal batteries are useless. That seems a bit nebulous given I've only encountered the problem since I got the replacements. Also, the replacements don't seem to be holding a charge for very long (eventhough the tech said the batteries "passed the test"). Anybody else having this kind of problem or possible suggestions?

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    the i300 was released back in oct 2001. i was one of the first (according to sprints shipping depts.) to be on the list and to grab an i3.. it was such a great device !!! ahh...


    yes the internals batts would probaly be worn out by now. the phones they are giving out as insurance replacements are refurbed phones. the tech was right for the most part.. the internal bat (capacitor) is no doubt on its last leg. the batteries usually last 18-24 months (best case).

    i would take it back, request atleast an i330. tell them you want vision services and this is the (insert number) replacement that has not worked as it should. we also have some threads regarding replacements people arfe getting so i sugest you smoke over those also...

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