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    How are you guys getting your email to work on this phone?

    I know what the name of both my pop and smtp servers are but that doesn't seem to get me anywhere using multimail or whatever this phone had on it. All the right questions when setting it up but once I go the Sprints Wireless web I get nothing but an error.

    Can anyone explain what has to be done? Also is there any web browsers that will work with this phone even to get a small thumbnail of color weather radar if I load it on one page of my server? Anyone want to tell me how to start having phone stuff for me and other since I do have my own server. I have a real popular treasure hunting siten but this phone has me stumped...

    Thanks... Guvner..

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    Get Eudora internet suite for palm os - like ver 2.0 or something - works great for pop servers.


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    snappermail or gopherking

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