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    New Palm brand Palmphone???

    so what is this long awaited device about??? anyone know???

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Palm Inc. (NasdaqALM - news), the dominant but troubled maker of handheld computers, is expected on Wednesday to report a second-quarter loss and a steep drop in sales from a year ago amid slack demand and a delay in the launch of the company's new wireless device.

    Palm's long-promised wireless device was expected to spark demand in the corporate sector, by combining the digital organizer with a phone, giving users access to such features as e-mail.

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    Anyone gotten their eyes on one of these yet?

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    I was under the impression the device, the m705, was going to be a data device only, capable of always-on email access. This is the device that has been delayed for quite some time now. Its successor, the m725, is the one with the Palm and phone combined, but I don't think Palm has even acknowledged the existence of such a product, much less given a hint of when they are going to release it.

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