I have been following the threads here about the i300, and have tried, unsuccessfully to get one here in the ATL area for almost a month now. I ordered one from the Telesales at Sprint at the beginning of the month and after reading here they were not shipping, I called and cancelled my order. I thought I would have better luck finding one locally (CompUSA), but that proved wrong. So, imagine my surprise yesterday when the UPS man brought me an i300. (I was actually out of town, but someone called me to tell me the phone had arrived. So I HAD to stop by the office and pick it up on the way home). Eveidently Sprints customer service is SO inept, they can't even cancel and order correctly.... however, I am not disappointed it arrived.

I have activated it, and synced it, and so far so good. I even found an app that does not work properly on my 6035 (a 5250 telnet app) that works perfectly on the i300. I have yet to see how it addresses my concerns about battery life. I do have a few questions thought.

1. On my 6035 and on my timeport, if I recevied a text message/page or voice mail, after the initial notification tone, a notification tone would sound periodically (every 2 minutes on the timeport and every 5 on the 6035), until you read the message or retrieved the voice mail. I LIKE that feature. Is there anyway to duplicate it on the i300. Is there a hack?

2. This is a bit more trivial. Is there anyway to have the keyguard activate after the screen goes to sleep?

Most of the other things about the phone I like (except the lame email client on the i300. I downloaded the Eudora mail client which is on the 6035. It is pretty robust.)

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