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    Keyguard questions

    Sprint is offering me an I300 as a replacement for my 6035. I'm concerned about the lack of available accessories for this aged product, particularly a case.

    I have a NiteIze case that will hold the phone. Today I played with the phone for a few minutes in store. I've notice that it wakes up on hitting any of several different keys, including a few on the face. I'm worried that standby time will be diminished by too much screen on time. Are my worries justified? I'm not really sure whether the keyguard was truly on, because the docs are on disc and the phone is so old that the salesmen know nothing about it. Can someone set me straight on how the keyguard works and whether any of the available hacks will be suitable?

    Also, if there are any other serious issues with the I300, I'd appreciate a heads up.



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    search thru this forum for anything you may want answered. this phone is indeed old but it has a wealth of information in the archives here so please search...

    there are plenty of accessories to be found for this phone. its not a vision enabled phone FYI. the keyguard works. i think there is a setting that will allow you to only wake up the phone by hitting the power key. i will get corrected from current users if this is not true although it is true of the i330...

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