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    Unhappy USB Hotsync Cable not connecting

    I have an I300 and an after market USB Hotsync Cable. But the i300 only lists serial or modem on it's hot sync options, and I cannot get it to sync Do I simply need a seial to USB adapter, or is there another way to get this to work.

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    I'm having the same problem, there are a lot of threads that list issues w/syncing, but so far none address the problem of not connecting (not ever seeing the beginning of communication on the desktop, i.e. the unit just timing out.) at all.
    I'm currently using palm desktop 4.0 and Mac OS X 3.7.
    I installed the isync conduit, and have seen refs to this issue, but they all seem to have some connection going through.

    p.s. I've successfully synced to a pc running win2k

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