I found the Samsung I300 for sale at Tiger Direct.com. Here's the link.

Now despite them screwing up my order and making me order it 3 times after rasing hell for making me wait on the phone everyday for atleast 1 hour for 4 days in a row. Gave me the dickens with it being over the new years rush and runing on a skeleton crew. The phone are 79.99 and are unlocked with the Verizon instructions just like you'll find on ebay...Plus a 1 month warranty with a chance to pay for a 1 yr extended through one of there companies for about ten bucks.
I joined this forum just for the perpose of getting to know everyone out there using these type of gizmo's. Some background about me I started on a Toshiba Thera PPC2002 Loved everything aboiut it except for the ONLY speakerphone mode, and having to reset the phone portion everytime the it looses cell phone signal for more than 20 minutes...It would never recover with a cell signal and just drain the battery while constantly searching for a signal...And the fact it stopped syncing up with my computer made me look for something else a little better than what I had.
I hope I can be a help in the PDA cell phone community.

Good to meet you all. I do have a question about the Palm OS situation been a while since I used a palm device. gotta an old Sony clie' 300. Anywho, How does one uninstall a program that was installed to see how it oeprated but didn't want it???