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    Has any VERIZON customer accessed web??

    If so how??

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    I loaded the BLAZER web brower.

    Then I just setup

    NETWORK (top left menu)
    user name: web (was already there)

    Password: (do not change, should read -ASSIGNED-)

    Connection: Wireless CDMA Modem

    Phone: #2932
    (yes with the # there too)

    under DETAILS
    Connection Type: PPP
    Idel Timout: Power off
    Query DNS: checked
    IP address automatic checked

    Don't forget to also setup
    Connection: Wireless CDMA Modem
    Method: Data On Air to Modem
    Dialing: Touchtone
    Volume: Low
    Speed: 115,200
    Flow Ctl: Auto
    init String: at+crm=0;

    It dials up @14.4k and blazer works great with pics. Sometimes it will disconnect, though. And I do not pay for Verizon's web service either which is a plus.

    Now if I could only get Voicemail notifications and Receive TXT messages...
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