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Thread: My I300 Freezes

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    My I300 Freezes

    Hi all,

    I got my I300 from Ebay abt 8 mths back. It had been working perfectly till the last couple of weeks but now it freezes at random. These are the 2 things I have observed.

    1. What i mean by "freezes" is at times "It just does not recognise the Taps/Clicks I do on the screen". It kinda freezes the screen up. I know the OS is still running as I can use the buttons to go to the "to do list", "address book" etc I try to power down the phone a couple of times and usually after 2-3 times it works fine.
    2. At times the Visual Display is misaligned. for example if I want to dial 2 I have to hit on 5 at times as far as 7. At times its also misaligned to the right. Meaning I would have to hit between/on 4 & 5 to actually dial 2.

    I have just one game installed "parkinglot" as an xtra addon 6 mths back and everything worked fine. Its been just the last 2 months that this has been happening.

    Also I use Palm Desktop 3.1 and I have not changed the OS on my palm. Would upgrading it be helpful ? If yes, i see in the forum that 3.5.3 is the latest approved version.

    I am very new to doing installs and configuring things on Palm. If somebody can spare some time to help me resolve the "freeze" problem, it wud be gr8



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    I would give it a hard reset and do not rehotsync it and see if it still acts up and if it does it is most likely defective. To perform a hard reset hold down the power button and while it is being held poke the reset hold with the top of the stylus cap that screws off. Once the palm powered screen appears you can let go of the power button then hit up for erase all data. If it does not then you know that it was one of your 3rd party programs/settings.

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