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    Post Do our phones have IP Address?

    Do they have uniqe or static IP addresses? Thanks.

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    Like every good question, the answer is .... it depends.

    When you dial up you can set the IP address or ask the DHCP server to assign you one. If you are duing the Sprint PCS connection, the setting is set to be assigned by the server. But there is no reason you can not set an IP address. If you dial a private network, and have a static address, you CAN enter it in. Generally, any dial up connection is controlled by a DHCP server. I remember way back in the day when Mindspring first started their ISP, they actually gave every customer a static address that you entered into your DUN connection.

    BTW, when you connect to the internet on the phone you can see what address you have been assigned by going into PREF, the select NETWORK, then click on the menu button (bottom left), and under Options select VIEW LOG. Scrol down to the bottom of the log and you should see info about your address, and what DNS servers have been assigned. You can also enter some newtork commands, like PING, and TRACEROUTE, just type HELP and you will see the cool stuff you can do.

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