Hey guys...
here is a post from a friend of mine who posted this at the other hangout..i think its cool.

Happy New Year everybody!

It is past 2am for me, but I just had to share a story...

O.k. a couple of hours ago, just before midnight, I was at a New Year's party and I flipped open my 6035 to count down with an accurate time from the "Big Clock" app that I have on my phone.

When it struck midnight, suddenly to my pleasant surprise, it (the Big Clock screen) had "Happy New Year!" printed on the screen, the back light came on and a little Palm graphics fireworks display appeared.

They must have pre-set them to do this at New Years. It was such a cool surprise. I assume that it only happens if you happen to have "Big Clock" open and running when the year changes.

Did anyone else witness this?

I know now that I must be a geek, because here I was at a party at midnight and I was so excited staring at the Palm screen on my 6035. My wife was not at all as jazzed about it as I was.

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