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    Activate your SPH-i300 online without calling VERIZON. Instructions inside!

    MODERATORS: Please do not move this into a different forum, as it pertains to the SPH-i300 phone ONLY and the problems people have activating them over the phone, or at VERIZON's stores.

    If Verizon gives you problems... activate the phone on your own:

    1. Login to Verizon at http://www.verizonwireless.com

    2. If you don't already have an account, create one. You will be asked to create a username, and your password will be sent as an SMS TEXT message to your current active phone.

    3. You should be in the MY ACCOUNT Overview screen. Click on "Activate Phone" locate on the right side of the phone picture.

    4. On the right-half of the Table, click on "Activate Existing Equipment"

    5. Select a "Reason for change" from the drop-down menu.

    6. Enter the 11-digit ESN# located on the back of your phone (remove the battery to see it)

    7. Turn-off your OLD cell phone. Make sure your new phone is on. (not just the PDA, but the actual phone also)

    7. Click on "SUBMIT" and your phone should be working within the next 5-min.

    8. Those of you using your phone for the first time, may have to go through the UNLOCK instructions provided with your phone as a final step.

    The instructions that came with my SPH-i300 are listed below, and may not work for you.... use at your own risk:

    1. Go into the phone mode, by hitting the right-side "phone" button on your phone. You should see your keypad on the screen. Type-in the following sequence:


    2. It will ask you for the lock code, which should be the default:


    3. From the drop-down menu, select: "phone#" (by hitting 1 on the keypad)

    4. Now enter your entire cellphone number (with area code)

    5. Hit "SAVE" and you're done. You may have to hit END also, which will restart your PDA & phone.

    Some users have a default code of 111111, others have 000000. Also, you should be able to activate any Verizon cellphone using the 8-steps above, without having to call them up, or pay a dime. (ZERO ACTIVATION FEE)


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    Thumbs up Thank you!!!!

    Hi Simple just wanted to thank you for your post! I have had this Samsung now for a year and I have been unable to figure how to access past the password and Verizon was no help. I tried logging in with the website it is still asking me to call Verizon which I plan on doing in the morning but feel your help with unlocking I can insist on there help in activating. I paid 150.00 on ebay and to be quite frankly had given up, thanks again!!


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    Wow! I posted this about a year ago. I don't even own the phone anymore... but it was a great phone.

    Coreane, there may be a problem with your phone, such as an unpaid bill, or it may be stolen. Though, Verizon should be able to tell you that. I recently tried to activate my Palm Treo 600 over the internet, and it gave me a similar error. I had to call in. I guess it needs special attention, being a Verizon PDA phone. Perhaps they have changed it for all PDA phones, and they require you to call in.

    Also, if you call in, tell them you have this model phone: VERIZON users- what do they have your phone listed as?

    And for more cool tips, check out all of my posts in this forum: http://www.smartphoneforums.com/foru...der=descending

    Oh, BTW if you are interested in a Verizon PALM TREO 600 PDA phone, I can sell you mine for $150 shipped Priority Mail. It has two desk power supplies, and two car supplies (I think). I just hate to see it sitting on my desk not being used, and I'm too lazy to list it on ebay. I prefer using flip phones nowadays.

    Good luck,

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