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    Keyboard for I300

    Just picked up the Keysync keyboard (connects via serial connection and known to work perfectly with Kyocera 6035) from CompUSA and am trying to get it to work with my Samsung I300 and am having no luck whatsoever! Made sure the keyboard was on (tried both positions just in case), reset the driver by toggling between the on/off options in the Palm app, did a soft reset of my phone after I installed the driver, and tried new batteries. After all that, still can't type anything in any application. Did I miss something? Any suggestion? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    more than likely, you have done all u can do at this point.. its the driver... the driver is probably not compatible..

    even though the '35 and 300 are palm based devices, their guts are very different...

    in time, we will get support for the i300, but i think its the driver...

    BUT.. for some reason you DO get it to work, let me know so i can get one!

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