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    lions and tigerdirect and telus, oh my

    I may not be easy but I am cheap.

    1. What is the difference (besides 10 bucks more) between the unlocked SPH-I300 D and the cheaper "D-less" SPH-I300 as sold by TigerDirect? They sell them in Canada as (apparently) Bell is more than happy to activate them on their network.

    This looks to be the cheapest way to replace my now worn out Palm IIIxe (and that's my THIRD Palm!) AND get (maybe) a cell phone to boot.

    I now carry a pay and talk Telus chocolate bar phone. Looking pretty uncool, I might add. (Motorola V2267 - not cool since 1999!)

    2) Telus flogs a pay-and-talk starter kit ($15) in which they claim you can activate any Telus unit on their network. Obviously no data plan on that rate (I think) but this is no real concern. So how hard can that be? I know that Verizon and Telus have a network sharing agreement so when you fire up this unlocked phone it will fire up on the Telus network, as others have reported.

    3) How hard can it be to clone my existing phone (into the Samsung) if it's on the Telus network. Remember, I don't really care about the data plan.

    Told you I was cheap!

    - Robert
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    Telus will NOT activate the sph-i300 on their network. I was a customer and they would not do it. Bell however will. I am now a bell customer,even though I don't like them

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