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    Unhappy SAMSUNG--are you L I S T E N I N G !!!???

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (and to those that have the power to change!):

    I know there is a feature request post with many good ideas to improve the SPH-i300. I also believe that software improvements are the only realistic hope.

    To that aim, I would like to formally ask here for a SDK from SAMSUNG. One of the greatest things about the Palm platform is its "tailorability". SAMSUNG, give us the tools we need and/or release the code!This great phone would only be made better through third party (or independent) development...

    I know many people (such as myself) have tried in vain to contact Samsung and Sprint directly. I'm hoping a rep from Samsung will take notice here on this board.

    Can I have anyone second this opinion?


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    Amen, brother!

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