Well, after making an attempt at using the Visor Prism + AirPrime SB3000 CDMA springboard module, I have to admit the SPH-I300 is the better unit. So, I'm putting the Visor away, and have swung my Sprint acount back over to my I300.

This truly is the phone to beat (for the moment). The Treo is nice, but there are some definite concerns -- mostly with battery life, and the fact that the battery is sealed inside the unit. I won't go from my color I300 to a BW Treo, so I'll have to wait until the color Treo is out before I would even consider switching. With a sealed battery, I'm not sure how Handspring is going to make that unit work without being crippled by extremely short battery life.

The one thing that I will miss the most about the AirPrime is the overall phone interface. Simply put, it is awesome. They licensed the same interface as the VisorPhone. Handspring thought things out very well with that interface. Samsung's looks like it was thrown together in a hurry. I'd really love to see them improve the interface just a bit visually, and give it a 1.1 release for us to download. No new features, just make things look a little nicer.

If Samsung ever gets around to releasing a SDK so that third party developers can write custom apps for this phone, it will hold onto a decent sized market share for the next 12-24 months. If they don't, it could die on the vine once the Treo has been out for a while - because I betcha Handspring will make their platform extensible by third parties. They know how the game works.

Are you listening, Samsung?????!!?!

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