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    Lightbulb I300 Bug Reports

    I am wondering if any of you that are having these problems are actually reporting them to Samsung. When I ran into my Fatal Exception error, I reported it, and they were able to work through the problem with me.

    With all the different configurations that each one of us is bound to have, it would be good if we were diligent in sending our bug reports into Samsung, either by phone or via their website, so that IF they decide to upgrade the software, they will know where to start.

    Same would go for suggestions for better User Interface.

    Any thoughts?

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    i had an iussue with my cradle making my computer stop responding
    ( i would get a "msgsrv32 not responding" error when i do ctrl>alt>del) and i gave samsung a call. i went to level 2 support and spoke with a guy who would look into the problem. he called me back the day after and left a message saying he got the same error as i had. he said it was probably caused by the Advanced power Configuration in the pc and also the screensaver. so after disabling those, everything *seems* to be going just great.

    so he was very helpful and responsive. althugh i figured already before the call that the advanced power was at fault (thanks abward).

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    how did you get through to samsung what is the number?

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