I need some advice about replacement batteries. My i300 no longer holds a charge and allows less than an hour of talk time. The phone is considerably old in technology terms, yet the new Treo 700 has me waiting before trading up. I was first in line for the i300 when it debuted and these batteries go back to this date.

My options include finding replacement batteries or an additional charger for work. A Google search return several results, yet I was hoping that someone could help me determine vendor reliability and if these after-market batteries serve my purpose.

In addition, my i300's battery seems to drain really fast at my new work place. A full charged battery may last 10 to 20 minutes. Would the signal quality affect the battery life as well? If this point were true, then I may have to investigate another carrier before purchasing a new phone.








I have no experience with purchasing items from eBay (NONE).