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    Question Network Hotsync problems

    Hello everyone!

    For two days and nights I've been trying to do a network hotsync with my i300. I have all the setttings correct (I think). I can dial up to Sprint....and it will find my laptop through the network. The hotsync manager pops up, identifies user, then looks through the handheld configuration. That is on the PC side of it. On the handheld side, it hangs at 'identifying user'.

    Eventually, it will time out with an error that the connection was cut off. I've tried everything from lowering the modem speed, uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop software. to even doing a hard reset.

    Has anyone out there been successful with doing a network hotsync on the i300? If so, is there something special that needs to be done?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    I have not done the same, however, I am curious as to how your PC is connected to the internet. Is it cable or DSL? Are you using a router or is your PC NATed behind a firewall? Perhaps there are some ports that are not opened? Sorry I do not have much help, but perhaps some more info might help and give us a clue to help with your problem.

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    I get the same thing using a uunet dialup....

    I will sniff the ethernet packets of a working connection tomorrow.
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