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    USB Hotsynch SUCCESS!!!

    Hi ya folks,

    I guess I got lucky.

    New laptop with no legacy ports. So I needed to get a usb to serial adapter.

    I did a quick pricegrabber, froogle, etc. and found a lot of possibilities. Most cost over $25.

    I ended up buying from crayton electronics. I bought some items from them before and was very happy with them.

    Most cables don't come with a driver. This one does. It came with a cd with the driver plus some application software for specific samsung phones. Funny though that the sph lines are not listed, only the sgh.

    Anyway, installed the driver with no problems. Connected the serial end to the i300 and the usb to the laptop.

    Checked the Hotsync settings. Local is set to COM5 at fastest speed.

    Tried to resynch... no response. Clicked for resynch a few more times and still nothing.

    Rebooted the laptop. Initiated the synch and lo and behold the beep beep beep resynch sounded immediately.

    Just thought I'd pass this on.

    I went ahead and ordered a couple of batteries also since the orig two batteries don't hold their charge anymore. I guess I'll keep the old cradle just as simply a charging station vs. synch/charge.

    USB to Serial kit was only $9.99!!!
    Battery costs only $12.99!!

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    USB/iRDA success

    I've used an infra-red USB dongle. It was cheap on ebay, and it worked right out of the box. Since there are no cables, this "should" work with other Palm devices (and it does work with my Palm IIIxe as well as with my i300).

    I use palm's desktop, set the com: port to the iRDA port. On the i300 I launch the HotSync application, select "IR to a PC/Handheld" and tap the icon in the middle.


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