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    Newbie questions

    Hello to all,

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) Sine the i300 has 256 8 bit color capability,can it view GIF's

    2) I was going to buy one shortly, however I understand that 3G is right around the corner, is this phone going to be introduced soon with this compatibility?

    thanks in advance
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    gif images shuold work. you cna use a app called Fireviewer to store images on....

    as for the 3g? samsung probably has another cellphone/pda in the works for 3g, but i doubt its going to be anytime soon.. (this current model i300 is not able to take advantage of the many things 3g will offer) perhaps end of the year at best (IMO), as the 3g infrastructure will be in its infant stages...

    the i300 is the best thing going right now, andi f you want to take advantage of its functionailty, the go grab it.

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    I'm pleased with Photosuite. Some of the other apps allow you to crop and rotate from the palm. Most of them allow you to play short avi as well.

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