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    Smile My 2 cents on this new phone

    Greetings All:

    Being the owner of an I300, I thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth.

    First thing I did after getting my phone is to order the extended battery (2 of them actually) from Samsung. The original batteries each only last me for about a day, (phone use and PDA use).

    The extended batteries last almost 3 full days each.

    Second thing I did was to find and order a different case.
    I chose the Slipper 300 from EB Cases. The case was not in stock and went into backorder. It took about 2 weeks before they shipped it to me.

    Due to having the extended batteries, the leather is quite tight right now, but I'm confident it will stretch. The edges of the case around the screen do bow out very slightly due to the tight fit, but I do not find it objectionable and suspect it will go away as the case stretches.

    As to the emblem on the front of the case. I am quite happy with the brushed steel look. Chrome would have made it look to cheesy.

    I saw a complaint from someone on this board that the magnetic catches on this case are not strong enough, but I can pick up my phone by the edges of the lid and the catches are strong enough to hold even against the weight of the phone. How much stronger would you want them to be?

    Overall I am very happy with my phone, the extended batteries, and the case from EBCases.com, and would recommend them to anyone.


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    Welocome and thanks for the review. Great toy.
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