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Thread: It DROPPED!!!

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    Red face It DROPPED!!!

    My phone just dropped from about 5 feet....

    It was wearing the bulky case that comes with the phone.. it bounced and landed softly!!

    Picked it up, not a bang, scratch, or glitch!!!

    Now I have second thoughts about getting another case!, this one is so bulky it can save it from falls!

    Anyone in Boston have the e/b case? I'd like a close up look if possible.


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    I don't see how you all can use those bulky cases. Takes away from the convenience of the phone for me. I need a case thats just as sleek and cutting edge as the phone. I've dropped my phone from 5 feet with NO CASE and not a scratch baby!

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    All the phone really needs is a plastic holster with a belt clip like most phones have available. that would be perfect as long as the clip is a swivel.


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    I, too have dropped the i300 several times while in the stock case. Seems to be an easy unit to fumble! Today I took a call while using the stock case and decided to just fold the flap back and let the velcro strap scratch my head while I talked. Alas, the cover flap slipped from my fingers and whapped me in the forehead, but I continued on as if nothing happened. Several people walked by and muttered "What the &*$%# is that guy doing?". I'm sure they we're all looking around for the "Candid Camera's".

    No pictures attatched!
    Dr. Dan

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    You need the basic swivel adhesive back.
    I bought it at the Sprint store for $11.
    The front is exposed but I wore it to the Spurs game last night and didn't get any beer on it!


    It came with a small adhesive holder that I use in my car too...
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