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    i300 development

    I am new to the palm community and I want to do software development for the samsung i300. I have pulled the ROM from the phone but I cannot load it into the POSE. Where do I start for development? Thanks.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but basically, there isn't any way to test i300-specific features on an emulator. If an emulator exists, it's never been seen by anyone outside of Samsung and/or Sprint. The long-promised i300SDK was a cruel joke that's literally not even worth bothering to look for. The closest anyone came to i300-mastery was "TheJake", whose stuff is still floating around.

    The sad truth is, Samsung and Sprint both dropped the ball hard when it came to the i300, and squandered an incredible amount of enthusiasm, goodwill, and developer interest by blowing everyone off, then almost immediately obsoleting the i300 for the fatally-flawed i330 (which tragically, could have lived for years had the cheap bastards used flash so they could fix the one or two deadly bugs that ruined it as a phone).

    As appealing as the i500 was when it first came out, I don't think there's a former i300 owner on this board who hasn't REALLY missed his old i300 at least once, and fondly remembered what it was like in those first early days when the i300 could literally do just about everything a "normal" Palm could do, and cool phone-type apps to let everyone build their own customized phone UI down to the last pixel were all just around the corner.

    Anyway, if you bought your i300 at a discount and aren't tied to Lockline, cherish it. Keep the box and packing material. Replace it before it gets too badly beaten up, and put it somewhere safe. Don't forget to exercise the batteries once a month or so. 20 years from now, when 99.9% of the i300s ever made are in landfills, someone WILL get inexplicably nostalgic and pay you an obscene amount of money for it on eBay.

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