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    password after hard reset?

    Hi All. My company offers me a cell phone with my job, so I havent used my i300 in about a year.

    I now have a need to use the palm aspect of the phone without using the cellular part. The batery had long sonce died and noe that it's recharged it's back at factory reset. I'd like to be able to sync with my mac again.

    I've reinstalled Palm desktop- but upon attempting to sync, Palm Desktop asks for a password to complete the sync. I vaguely recall having to get this info from Sprint when I got the phone, but Sprint and I are no longer friends.

    Does anyone know the factory installed password to unlock the PDA?

    I also require a password to fill in my name as "Owner"

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    Try the last 4 digits of your cell number or 0000 or the last 4 digits of your ss#
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    Last 4 of phone number did the trick

    Thanks Shadowboxer!

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