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    i300 dropping calls, any tricks to get sprint to replace it?

    My phone started dropping calls constantly last week. Most times I can't make more than a 30-60 second call without getting a drop and then "signal faded" message.

    I took it to the store and they did a PRL update to no avail. They apparently no longer have the cables to do any other diagnostics. The rep at the store said he put a flag on my account and to call customer service back. The guy I talked to was, of course, an idiot and couldn't help me and told me to go back to the store.

    I don't have the protection plan on my phone...its only about a month old, bought new on ebay. My last phone sucked and I didn't bother having the protection on it and I just didn't think to add it to this one.

    So, any adeas of who to talk to or what to say to them to convince them to replace it? I'd love to get a 330 out of the trouble!

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    When you are dropping calls are you in an area that gets 4 or 5 signal bars?

    If you are barely getting a signal then it's a coverage issue not a hardware issue. If it's dropping when you have strong signal strength then I would keep leaning on Sprint to help you out.

    They might tell you since you didn't buy the protection plan that you will have to deal direct with the manufacturer.

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    if you are persistant enough at calling sprint,getting fed up with talking to idiots etc...then ask for account retentions...most of the time they will just ship you another refurb, if they have it.....they are also able to swap those out with the treo 300 now. dont bother asking for an i330 though because they wont even bother with the time.
    good luck
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