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    i300m HotSync Problem

    I Cant synchronize my i-300, via Serial Port.
    When I press the sync button on the cradle (or phone) the conection begins, hotsync starts, but no sync is done.
    With a terminal program connected to the COM, I can see that something is transmited from the phone/cradle when I press de sync button.
    I've tryed all speeds always in 8,N,1
    It's any palm desktop version suitable for the i300? I've tryed up to the 4.0.1.
    How can I Check the the COM port of the phone?
    Is any other Palm sync cable compatible with the i300?
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    few questions,

    has this always happend to you since you have had the phone?

    do you get any errors thatshow up when you try to sync?

    desktop 4.1 works for the i300, but the one you have will work also.

    do you have local serial checked in the hotsync menu?

    have you tried a soft reset?

    did you install nay programs just prior to this happening?

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