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    I'm having trouble seating the retractable version. Is it supposed to "click" in? If I push it in, I get the charging bolt, but it doesn't click so it seems to me that I can only get it to continue charging by holding the cable and the phone together with my hands.

    Am I supposed to buy duct tape or is there something that I'm missing?

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    Thumbs up SAMSUNG i500 and MAC

    I was so frustrated when I could not get my Samsung i500 to Hot synch with Mac G4 using Mac OS 10.2.8

    I ordered the 1 ft cable from MacMedia.com
    It now finally works fine...except you have to TURN OFF the PHONE function first before Hot Synching. So far it has worked very well. Go to macmedia.com

    Kent was extremely helpful and sent the cable out immediately. Great customer service.

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    Lensman problems

    Hey Lensman

    The cable is supposed to click in when attached. Did you purchase the cable from us? If so, I would be happy to replace it if defective. Otherwise, you should contact the seller for a replacement.

    Mac Media USA
    Chester, NY

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    Originally posted by timdees
    Zip-Linq's cables (which have a similar design) include an instruction pamphlet that suggests a remedy to the problem you describe. Extend the cable to its full length by pulling out both ends from the winding mechanism. Holding the cable taut, move the winder until it is more or less centered between the two cable ends. Retract the cable, and it should wind and store normally. ...
    As usual, the members of this forum come through! Thank you! I had not had a chance to inspect the cable in detail (I was traveling a lot) to figure out how to fix it. Before I even had a chance, I read this post and it worked like a charm.

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